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materials pictureAt Highfield, we are dedicated to manufacturing the finest boats in the world. We therefore select very meticulously the best materials for our boats:


Either in PVC or in Hypalon, Highfield inflatables are using the best fabrics available in the market.

PVC fabrics are Valmex® from Mehler Texnologies in Germany. Valmex® boat fabrics are wear and abrasion resistant, UV and weather resistant, insensitive to high temperature conditions and dirt repellent. The Highfield PVC tubes are assembled using thermo-welding technologies. This process ensures much higher durability than regular glued PVC tubes which easily delaminate when exposed to UV.

Hypalon fabrics are ORCA® from Pennel & Flipo in France. ORCA® fabrics are considered as the best inflatable boat fabrics. Very tough, UV and hydrocarbon resistant, ORCA® is the best option for frequently used boats and a must in tropical areas. Unlike PVC, Hypalon glued seams present excellent ageing when glued properly using suitable 2-part polychloroprene adhesive.


photo_quality_0Every Highfield boat is thoroughly tested and inspected after production. Thanks to the participation of our internal laboratory, we are able to ensure the quality and consistency of the processes of production. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the tests that we conduct in-house:

Tests conducted on fabrics and seams:

  • Fabric mechanical properties and glue-ability (ISO 1421, ISO 4674 and ISO 2411)
  • Heat test and seam strength tests (ISO 6185)
  • Air tightness (ISO 6185)
  • Accelerating weathering test (ISO 4892)

Test conducted on the powder coating:

  • Pre-treatment (BS EN 12206-1)
  • Thickness (ISO 2178)
  • Adhesion of the coating on the substrate (ISO 2409 and ISO 4624)
  • Accelerating weathering test (ISO 11507)
  • Salt spray test (ISO 9227)



Aluminium boats have been the first choice of Australians for a very long

time. This choice has enabled Australian boats to withstand the rough and tumble of the turbulent waters, rocky coastline and coral sand beaches. All Highfield boats are designed and developed in Australia using the best expertise available.

Highfield boats are engineered to be tough reliable and offer the best performance on the water. We make sure that all boats from our fleet offer soft and dry ride, unrivalled stability and safety.

Highfield boats combine the absolute best in design, performance and style.