Allow FGLLC to assist you in reaching your goal. Years of industry experience at your disposal so that you may ustilize your time wisely. Tell us what you want and we customize what we do based on what’s needed to support your specific brand.

  • Marketing: Get your brand established in the North and South American markets and the Carribbean.
  • Sales: Sales to dealers – container buyers and unit sales
  • Logistics: Importing, Shipping (international and domestic), Documents
  • Certification with the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association | the NMMA (you provide the data to qualify and we do the work to make it a reality)
  • Boat Shows: Coordinate your boat show participation in prestigious shows nationwide, and on site visit to the show.
  • Rigging Services available
  • PR Service


Nautical Ventures
Domenico Fossati is pleased to join Nautical Ventures’ team of excellence as their Consultant for their Inflatable Boat department.


Lines that got their start through the marketing and sales expertise of Domenico Fossati.

  • HIGHFIELD – Entered the US market in 2012
  • FLEXBOAT– Entered the US market in _____
  • CARIBE – Entered the US market in 1989